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An easeful transition into becoming a family

Banana Leaves


Birth is a powerfully transformative process. Each birth is unique to the family and infant. We want to support you to birth in a way that aligns with who you are. Our team is made up of a licensed midwife, doulas, and a lactation consultant. We support families at home birth with licensed midwives, and we also offer birth doula services for families who wish to birth in the hospital. Our wish is for every family to be loved, guided, and nourished during this transition into becoming a family. 

Certified Professional Midwife, Licensed Midwife

I have been in the midwifery field over twenty years. I specialize in intuitive, individual care, paying attention to what it is YOU need to make body mind spirit optimum for a satisfying birth experience and beyond.

I began midwifery training in 2000, and have attended clinical rotations around the globe with experience in hospital births, birth centers and home birth practices. I specializes in water birth and in caring for families choosing Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). I strive to provide evidence-based, family centered care that supports parents’ choices, while incorporating the art and science of traditional midwifery. My passion is helping families to have safe and gentle births. I truly believes a woman's body knows the natural way of birth. “Love your birth because birth it is all about your strength.” ​I love educating midwives and helping families access midwifery care. For many years I have coached midwives by offering webinars and conferences to discuss issues in midwifery care. I advocate for gentle midwifery care rooted in my 20+ years of experience advocating for the empowerment of women. I'm also a health care provider contributor on Manoto TV channel in the UK.

I am a Licensed Midwife with the state of Hawaii (MW-36) and a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) through the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). I have a Bachelors of Science in Midwifery from the Qazvin University of Medical Sciences and ​Permanent Midwifery (obstetric) from Ministry of Health of Treatment and Medical Education of Iran, a Midwifery License from Medical Council of Iran, and CPR, AED American Heart Association, NRP resuscitation Health Steam, USA, Lamaze certification, Tehran University and many more. 

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Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to be involved in childbirth. I've spent over 20 years working with families in as an RN in Maternal Child Services – that's a lot of deliveries, newborns, and happy parents! I'm also an IBCLC (lactation consultant) – I love helping families navigate their breastfeeding journeys.

As a wife and mom of twins, I know firsthand that birth doesn't always go according to plan. While I dreamed of a water birth at home, I ended up with a positive C-section experience. My goal is to empower you to have the birth experience that's right for YOU. Here's what I offer information and resources to make informed decisions a supportive, judgment-free environment and advocacy throughout your pregnancy and birth My special interests include multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.), LGBTQ+ families, preemies and infant loss. I'm also a babywearing and cloth diaper enthusiast (twins, no problem!). When I'm not working, I enjoy sunrises, sunsets, good company, and board games. My soundtrack? Classic 90s hip hop!



My first introduction to birth began as a teenager while growing up in Minnesota. My friend’s mother was midwife and her birth stories always fascinated me. In 2016 I began attending births with a home birth midwifery practice in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Soon after I began doula work in 2017 after completing certification through DONA International. In Minnesota, I worked for Everyday Miracles, a non-profit doula organization serving low income families. I primarily provided doula services to Latino families.


​I moved to Kauai In 2019 and became a licensed massage therapist. My clients enjoy the calming effects of therapeutic massage during pregnancy and birth. I am currently enrolled in The National College of Midwifery with plans of becoming a Certified Professional Midwife. I have done a year long midwifery apprenticeship with Leah Hatcher of Morning Glory Midwifery. During the summer of 2022 I attended births at Maternidad La Luz birth center in El Paso Texas. I am certified in NRP and CPR. ​I've attended over 90 births in hospitals, birth centers and at home. Most importantly, I support families to choose the birth setting that best matches their values. As a dancer, bodyworker and certified yoga teacher I bring an embodied approach to supporting doula clients that encourages clients to reflect upon their own stories. I hope to bring my expertise to your family. Outside of my passion for birth I am a dancer and I love to surf. I enjoy cooking good food, hiking and time with my friends. 

Kauai Birth Doula Sofia Scheuerman
Banana Leaves



Relax and receive 

experienced calming prenatal massage


Home Birth care with knowledgeable and licensed midwife

Pregnancy Kauai, Birth Doula


Kauai birth doula. Have a compassionate advocate support you at your birth.


Support for your family in the postpartum period. Feel well rested and confident during your baby's first weeks of life



Midwifery care is a holistic woman-centered approach to pregnancy & childbirth. We view childbirth as a normal physiological process, and we focus on providing you with the support and education you need to have a healthy and fulfilling birth experience.  We are skilled midwives trained to guide you and your baby through a safe and wholistic birth process.

Feeling Mom's Tummy



Birth doulas offer wholistic support for families during labor. Throughout the labor a doula provides massage, birth positions, affirmations and emotional support. Studies show the presence of a doula lowers risks of unnecessary medical interventions. Women rate higher satisfaction with their birth experience when a doula is present. Doulas provide unbiased care for clients at home, hospital, or birth center. It should be noted, doulas are not medical providers and do not replace the need for a midwife or doctor. 

"The calmness, confidence and kindness that Sofia embodies was very apparent to my husband and I when we first met her. These qualities, besides experience and knowledge which Sofia also has a wealth of, were very important to us in in the person we wanted attending and supporting us in the birth of our daughter. I hoped to have a fearless, natural, unmedicated and peaceful birth. Sofia's prenatal visits helped me to approach the birth with confidence and without fear. Through the discussions, exercises, body work and meditations that Sofia provided leading up to the birth, my fears vanished. The confidence I was able to go into labor with led to the birth that I dreamed of. The breathing techniques, movements and positions that Sofia suggested and help me do during labor helped it to progress quickly and truly, without pain. Our daughter entered this world peacefully. We are so grateful for Sofia’s support before, during and after the birth and give our highest recommendation that you have her as your doula."

Seana W.
Birth Doula Client




A community for pregnant mamas to gather and lean into the love of one another.

The circle is a nurturing place to build meaningful connections with yourself and others.

Free of charge, join us each Thursday afternoon.

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