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Birth is a moment of transformation for baby, mother and family. Pregnancy is a time of personal reflection, ‘who will I be as a mother?’ ‘What kind of family will I create?’ It is a time to reflect, choose and become.


Birth doulas help align family values with a congruent maternity care experience. Through advocacy and education doulas support birthing people to have empowering birth experiences. Studies show the presence of a doula lowers risks of unnecessary medical interventions. Women rate higher satisfaction with their birth experience when a doula is present. Doulas provide unbiased care for clients at home, hospital, or birth center. It should be noted, doulas are not medical providers and do not replace the need for a midwife or doctor. 

Hand Massage


We value families receiving quality evidence-based information during the pregnancy year. our hope is birthing people feel empowered during their birth. When the birthing person is well cared for prenatally and during labor, babies tend to be born more gently and peacefully. We hope to bring our expertise to your family.

During prenatal visits we discuss your emotions, birth plan, and specific concerns you may have. During labor your doula will provide massage, emotional support, comfort measures, labor movements, and advocacy.

During postpartum receive support you with breastfeeding, relaxation, processing and recovering from birth.

We have a limited amount of doula client's per month. Reach out now to reserve your spot. 

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