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Birthing Adventures In Mexico

My student midwife adventures continue. Three weeks ago I began attending births at Salud Primal, a birth center in the Yucatán Peninsula. I’m here as a volunteer student midwife. The obstetricians, midwives, and doulas all work as a team. I quickly fell in love with this dynamic group. They all play to each others strengths and respect one another's skills. This is a vision for the future! With this model of care midwives can continue giving care in the hospital with the OB present. Midwives allowed to work in hospitals is not common in Mexico. Salud Primal has a special set up.

Last week I attended my seventieth birth. We had an international birth team with a Czech midwife, Mexican obstetrician, American midwifery student, and Argentinean doula. After a thirty hour labor at the birth center we transferred to the hospital. At the hospital the client received an epidural. After more hours of slow progress the family decided to have a c-section.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been present for a c-section. You know those moments in life when you think how I get here? Well I wondered that as I stood in the cold operating room in a Mexican Hospital on the Yucatan Peninsula. Simultaneously, it felt like it was exactly where I should be. I held the mama's hand and reassured her as the baby was born smoothly. It was absolutely riveting to see the look of pure joy on the fathers face when he first saw his baby. Every birth I experience enriches my soul a little more (and also tires me out!)

As my experience grows, my studying deepens, and I continue learning practical skills I feel my confidence growing. I’m believing more and more in my ability to provide the rich and meaningful experience of midwifery care to families.

It’s been many years since I’ve lived near my family so in April of 2023 I’ll begin my final midwifery apprenticeship at the Bend Birth Center. I’ll share some stories about working in Bend in a few months!


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