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pregnancy kauai



Postpartum doulas bring ease to families after the birth. Feel nourished with meals cooked in your home, mom and infant supported 


Pregnancy massage is a moment to slow down and connect. Mother and baby find their rhythm amongst compassionate hands. Long relaxing strokes calm the nervous system. Prenatal massage can prepare the body for more easeful labor while also easing pregnancy aches.


A doula provides physical, emotional, educational and advocacy support to birthing people. During the pregnancy a doula prepares the mother for an informed empowering birth experience. At the

birth, a doula provides compassionate labor support. Doulas connect with families postpartum and ensure they have resources and are adjusting to their new baby


Placenta encapsulation is coming soon!

Pregnancy is an experience of change in the body and marks major shift in a family. Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period is a time to celebrate and be supported. Receiving compassionate, evidenced-based

guidance will bring ease to your family. 

Receive attuned intuitive bodywork. Release old patterns and find new ease in your body. 

Bodywork Sessions


Bodywork sessions available to folks across the island of Kauai. 

I provide in-home sessions for you.

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