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The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time for families filled with love and delight. Yet, adding new member to the family comes with many changes. Sleep hours are disrupted, feeding the family and housework can become challenging. Family dynamics shift and the hormones of the birther are often rebalancing from pregnancy. First time parents are often surprised by some of the difficulties which arise from 24/7 care of a newborn.


Postpartum doulas provide guidance and support to navigate the weeks and months after baby is born with ease. Imagine a clean house with someone you trust to process emotional swings and answer the daily questions about newborn care and feeding. Postpartum doulas are particularly beneficial if your extended family is off island and you need the extra set of hands in those early months of baby's life.

Cute Baby
Sleeping Baby



I value families receiving quality evidence-based information during the pregnancy year. My hope is families feel confident and rested during their postpartum months. When families receive in home support and resources they often remark at their enjoyment of this special time. I hope to bring my expertise to your family.

Complementary Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation we get to know each other and what you hope for with your postpartum experience. 

Daytime hours

Receive assistance with baby care, breastfeeding, housekeeping, meals, and childcare for older siblings. We can create a schedule to support your family needs.


Sleep is precious to new parents. I can work overnight to ensure your baby is well cared for with minimal disruption to your sleep. Overnight hours are 9pm-7am.


I can be on call to start supporting your family the first week of your baby's life.

I'd like a postpartum doula

Reach out to me and lets talk about your needs postpartum.

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