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"Sofia is such a treasure to the island of Kauai.  I have chronic shoulder and sciatica pains and love that she is attentive to my body's needs.  Very professional and wonderful in her craft.  Would highly recommend her as your massage therapist!"

Laura L.

Deep Tissue Massage

March 2020

Back Massage

The calmness, confidence and kindness that Sofia embodies was very apparent to my husband and I when we first met her. These qualities, besides experience and knowledge which Sofia also has a wealth of, were very important to us in in the person we wanted attending and supporting us in the birth of our daughter. I hoped to have a fearless, natural, unmedicated and peaceful birth. Sofia's prenatal visits helped me to approach the birth with confidence and without fear. Through the discussions, exercises, body work and meditations that Sofia provided leading up to the birth, my fears vanished. The confidence I was able to go into labor with led to the birth that I dreamed of. The breathing techniques, movements and positions that Sofia suggested and help me do during labor helped it to progress quickly and truly, without pain. Our daughter entered this world peacefully. We are so grateful for Sofia’s support before, during and after the birth and give our highest recommendation that you have her as your doula.

Green Leaves

I loved Sofia from the moment I met her. She’s one of those people you are like ok God made you extra special, and you want someone like that guiding you through birth. She helped bring my partner and I closer together. Her massages of my pregnant body helped me go deeper in my body and connect with my baby. I was nervous about the hospital, I so wanted a home birth….But Sofia was loving and present through ALL of my feelings… the good and the bad her support supported me entirely in birthing in the way I desired despite having to birth in a hospital. I believe she was the only one who could have supported me in the way I need. Sofias confidence in the birth, the body, and the baby will assure you safe passages no matter the story of your birth. There’s no one I’d rather trust through birth than her

Seana W.

Birth Doula Client


Courtney M.
Birth Doula Client

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