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Birth Family Kauai


Insight birthing sessions

Pregnancy is an emotionally full experience. Couples are wondering about the changes to come. Individuals may be feeling excitement and also grief about their changing identity. Worries and fears about birth and the postpartum time surface. 

Receiving attuned emotional support, informational guidance and  quality resources will allow you to explore the journey of bringing life into this world with ease and wonderment. Emotional preparation before the birth can minimize complications and struggles later on.

Insight birthing sessions teach you a new paradigm which honors the psychology of the baby and nuance of trusting your own inner wisdom. 

Together we will explore...

  • your own birth experience

  • baby's experience in the womb

  • preparing your relationship for a major transition

  • processing fears about pregnancy & birth

  • feelings regarding identity changes

  • learning about the birthing process

Childbirth Education Kauai
Pregnancy Massage Kauai

What you'll receive


We meet for six sessions. Each session will cover a new topic to prepare you for birth. Topics include connecting to your own birth experience, parenting values, perinatal psychology, preparing for relational changes, exploring fears, and learning about the birth. Some sessions will be more informational while other sessions provide space for emotional processing.


Sessions are guided but also individually tailored to your needs. Sessions may be more focused on childbirth education or on emotional content depending on your desires. Resources  shared with you will be tailored to the needs of hospital, birth center or homebirth clients.

Experience sessions in your home

Sessions will be online using video chat. 

Complementary Initial Consultation

Meet for an initial consultation where we can to know one another and share hopes and intentions for your birthing experience. 

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